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Feb 21, 2013 5:00am PST
university, and they offer online classes including stanford and duke. >> mountain view google is holding a contest to let the winners try out for the next big thing in mobile computing, called google glass a tablet like device embedded in a pay of eyeglasses this responds to voice command rather than the town. they expect i to go on sale in the family but google will let a number of people try them out by submitting an application of 50 words or less on google plus or twitter with a hash tag "if i had glass." the deadline is wednesday. the mayor and now lieutenant governor looks good in that the winners have to pay $1,500. google will not say how many winners there are but the glasses are awarded to creative individuals. you pay $1,500 and you get to try it out? >> that is "winning"? glad we don't have a lot of contests like that. you win the lottery you pay me a million. >> sounds like an e-mail i got from the jury folks. >> it is cool but not so much as yesterday. we have a breeze. the winds are trying to blow change in the forecast. right now, the only thing we seed is radar return wa
Feb 22, 2013 5:00am PST
a private hangar to house jets that belong to google senior executives. it would be used by other companies. you are looking at an artist rendering of the facility expected it bring in $3 million a year to the airport. google planes are housed at moffitt field. >> state senator jerry hill will unveil legislation today that would ensure that california high-speed rail would not add new tracks through the peninsula. the bill has specific language to guarantees the high-speed rail would run on two existing tracks shared with caltrain. rail officials have promised hill they would thought add two additional tracks making a total of four on the peninsula. many neighbors oppose this. it includes making caltrain run on electric power making high-speed rail and caltrain compatible with each other. >> it is warmer this morning, right? >> here and out there. mike has the forecast. >> well start with a live picture from our camera of the dancing lights on the bay bridge, kind of cool and looks like fireflies and another point birds and now, just kind of solid, but they will come up with another pattern
Feb 19, 2013 5:00am PST
valley to develop self driving cars. google has been testing the technology for years in the bay area and nissan will move the current resources from japan to sunnyvale five miles from google headquarters and the c.e.o. believes self driving cars will not be feasible in the united states until 2020 because of regulation, and legal and technological hurdles. >> the horse meat food scandal centered in britain and ireland is growing and nestle is removing beef's that meals from shelfs in italy and spain after traitses of horse d.n.a. were found. they are stopping sale of frozen meat to catering businesses in france. nestles say the contaminated beach was applied by a german company and has been found across europe in a meat mislabeling scandal. >> a study finds women do worse than men after hip replacement surgery. kaiser permanente researchers in southern california looked at 35,000 cases and found women have a higher risk of implant failure because of dislocation. it doesn't matter what type of device was implanted. women are more likely to need a second surgery. they restore mobility
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3